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love your earth


name of design : saving your planet

design by : sebastien fornes from france

complete graphic design


designer's own words:

I created an upside down readable logo to make these two words more equal (love is earth, earth is love). Then I built around it a sort of globe which can be seen upside down too. With a such approach, there's no wrong way to look at it (except the catchphrase) and it allows anyone to focus his attention on the urgent planet theme. I mixed various symbols based on the 4 elements : - waves to bring the idea of water (simultaneously the hair of the character who's representing the earth) - an "arm-tree" to underline the earth personification which roots are related from the man inside the bulb to the ground (life cycle) - an ambiguous texture that illustrates the fire, ashes, the ground, a burning planet, etc - a "bulb-man" to describe the air (man in a bubble too) and how close we are to the technology which makes us irresponsible and unaware compared to the nourishing earth. Finally, the catchphrase refers to a very simple idea : by modifying our planet's nature, we are committing a genocide for many species including us because we are strongly connected to her; by destroying the earth, humanity is destroying itself. Right time to react in the best way in order to protect the planet to save a precious and fragile treasure (our lives or "natural" souls too). All of this is combined in a single shape to summarize the very important complexity of the links existing between all mankind and mother nature and also the huge stakes about the human beings actions consequences that are the environmental crisis and the global warming.